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E-drive ( Gearmotor )




This is a drive system for the mini shredder, mini XXL, and bio waste shredder.
It comes with a coupler to fit your unit.
If you already have a shredder and want just the motor, you need to write to us for which shredder it is, so that we can match the coupling.
All these motors are manufactured in Germany on demand. The manufacturer needs 4 weeks. ( 10% surcharge is possible for 1-week express manufacturing )
In order to operate this motor, a VFD is needed. This way you can drive it from single phase 120V, 220V or 3 phase 380V.

If you add the electronic set to your order, the motor will be shipped with VFD and all cables connected.

Speed: 14RPM
Torque: 122Nm
Weight: 10,2Kg

The shipping cost for this item is in the price.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg