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FilaMaker mini XXL shredder





This product is manufactured on demand and we are the manufacturers of this product. We need up to 3 weeks after payment to manufacture and test your unit before shipping, to ensure you will get a tested unit which represents our quality.


People from the Europe Union use free shipping  if you are outside the Europe Union use the international shipping.

The size of shredding chamber is 120×98 mm

All other dimensions and properties are that same like the mini shredder ( click for the user manual ) Only the blade thickness is 8mm instead of 6mm. Blades are made out of Hardox 400 in standard order.

For payment, we have stopped supporting payment through PayPal, because of disagreement with new Policy Terms of Use valid from 19. November 2016 (  If you still want to use PayPal or credit card contact us before or after purchase, there will be a extra fee for processing. )