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Mini shredder



Product Description

mini schredder

This product is manufactured on demand and we are the manufacturers of this product. We need up to 3 weeks after payment to manufacture and test your unit before shipping, to ensure you will get a tested unit which represents our quality.

People from the Europe Union use free shipping, if you are outside the Europe Union use the international shipping.

This unit comes without housing and therefore this unit is not for sale to private persons. For buyers inside Europe, you need to provide your VAT number together with company address and name.

(you can print housing using this file , just download the STL )

To know more go to documentation and support page to download the user manual

For payment, we have stopped supporting payment through PayPal, because of disagreement with new Policy Terms of Use valid from 19. November 2016 (┬áIf you still want to use PayPal or credit card please process through PayPal partner “Xoom” and wire the funds to our bank account. )