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organic waste shredder
organic waste shredder

Organic waste shredder


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Product Description

All orders paid until 1st December will be shipped before 8th December 2017. And all orders paid after 1st December will be shipped out in January 2018. Shipping in December put very high risk of getting your shredder lost or damaged by post office.

This shredder is made only for organic waste.

It is build 100% out of stainless steel to prevent rusting or contamination of shredded waste.

Shredder chamber size is 170mm wide and 140mm long ( 14 blades with 10mm thickness )

If you need shorter or longer shredder then this one. Download this PDF file to start your custom order.

This shredder can work under water and can be used up to 100°C temperature. It’s dishwasher proof.

Ideal for compost machines, farmers, Fisherman’s, animal food processing and much more.

Not for wood thicker than 10mm or branches thicker than 20mm

Not for bones from cows, pigs, horses, and other big animals.

We offer free shipping all over the world. But Australia, Japan, and other islands need to go with 20€ international shipping.

We are the manufacturer and we can take up to 3 weeks to manufacture and test your unit. ( One week is common )

If you need a hand crank from us, you need to write it with your order.

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